Thursday, November 25, 2010

New Product! Felted Scarf Blackberry Dessert

Looking for new accessories? Try one of my felted scarves -
Scarf-stole Blackberry Dessert

Handmade wool scarf Blackberry Dessert

Made of delicate 100% merino wool of six colors and lustrous tussah silk. The scarf is decorated with kid-silk yarn (75% mohair super kid, 25% silk).

Felted ruffled scarf-stole Blackberry Dessert
 It’s unusually light, but at the same time it’s exclusively warm.
So wrap one of Yanina's scarfs around your neck today!

Plus more scarves on the way! :)


  1. Thank you! I am very pleased:)

  2. Yana, this scarf is soo pretty! I think that one in emerald and turquoise would look terrific too. You know, the colors of the tropics (palms and ocean)

  3. Thank you very much! I love this color scheme too:)