Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hello, Spring!

Wool Indian Silk Felted Art Nunofelting scarf-shawl

 The winter we have this year makes us feel nothing but bummed out… It’s OK if we have to run only short-distance errands around the neighborhood with the temperature around freezing point or slightly above – you don’t have to rake the snow with your feet and balance on a mini skating rink with the simultaneous attempts to gain a descent, spectacular and convenient position so that if you do take a fall you won’t break anything.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How to take care

My customers often ask me how to properly take care of felted items such as scarves, tippets, etc. And as a matter of fact I try to share my experience with them as it would be nice to use the purchased things as long as possible without them loosing their original looks.
Nunofelting Scarf "Charlotte's Web"

We are the Champions, my friends...!

Vintage installation art Heart
New! - I become a winner in contest "Valentines Day Perfect Gift Team Contest"

This contest was performed by "Etsy Russian Team".

My artwork "Vintage installation art heart “My heart is open only for you” took part in this competition... and has won!!! .

Vintage installation art Heart

Valentines Day Perfect Gift Team Contest

As Valentine's Day is approaching and so many people are looking for perfect gifts for their friends, co-workers, class-mates, neighbors and loved ones we decided to help all of them to find special and unique presents they are looking for. Russian Artists team held a contest among its members to select three wonderful gift ideas for Valentine's Day. The contest has got a huge support among Russian Artists team members. We had fifty nominations in total with every Etsy team member shop nominating one of its items. It's amazing how many beautiful items has been created by our talented team member shops on Etsy for this event!...

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