Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hello, Spring!

Wool Indian Silk Felted Art Nunofelting scarf-shawl

 The winter we have this year makes us feel nothing but bummed out… It’s OK if we have to run only short-distance errands around the neighborhood with the temperature around freezing point or slightly above – you don’t have to rake the snow with your feet and balance on a mini skating rink with the simultaneous attempts to gain a descent, spectacular and convenient position so that if you do take a fall you won’t break anything.

Winter 2010

But how we miss the last year winter with its beautiful huge flakes of snow which was falling so densely you couldn’t see a thing in 10 steps and with the frost so strong everything was cracking under your feet…

I can get it with my mind. It’s very inconvenient for both the city administrations (they don’t exactly look forward to such meteorological cataclysms) and the cities. But the truth is, it feels so nice to take a cup of your favorite hot drink and to stare at such weather in awe and silent admiration through the window from inside your cozy and warm apartment.
It was this very absence of the real winter mood which stirred up the first vague cravings for spring. Which resulted in this tippet  - Hello, Spring

Nunofelting scarf Hello, Spring!

The tippet is made using the nuno-felting technique. The main material used is exclusive Indian silk (it was hand-delivered to me from a factory in Delhi so the origin is guaranteed). It is custom hand-dyed and is a mixture of merino wool of supple green shades and silk fibers. Nuno-felting is a technique I absolutely adore!. It combines delicate fabric and the lightest spattering of soft wool.

Size: 44" (110cm) x 21,6" (54cm).

This tippet is all-year-round. Its tones go well with the warm season; it will cover your shoulders in chilly evening; it will bring joy to the eyes in cold months (everyone know the benefits of color therapy), refresh your appearance and warm you up. It’s even wide enough to cover your head.
In the picture you can see the inside and the outside of the tippet. But it’s not entirely accurate – the tippet is double-faced and you can easily wear it any side up. The wool gets through the silk and produces a very unusual wrinkled effect on the fabric.


  1. Lovelu scarf-shawl. I like the shade of green.

  2. Yes, it's very fresh colors! Thank you very much!