Monday, November 8, 2010


I'm happy to write that after the long time I'm finally back to Etsy!
More items are coming to my Etsy store - just click on this link and enjoy :)
Felted wool scarf BUTTERFLY

Realistic animal sculpture Black Scottish Terrier (Needle Felted)

Only natural wool possesses the spinning and felting abilities during the secondary processing and people took advantage of these qualities 8000 years ago.
The history of felting dates back thousands of years. Such universal material as felt was used by different nations in ancient times – from Asian Nomads to Chinese and Roman warriors.

In recent time the fans of needlework pay more and more interest to felting. They reopen for themselves all the pleasures of the process of working with the materials which can be shaped, embroidered and decorated to your own liking.

These materials and techniques rapidly become more and more popular especially because they are used by some outstanding fashion designers such as Sonia Rykiel the “Queen of Knits”.

If you like creative and original things, you are welcome on my Etsy shop page.

Hope to see you again soon! Yana

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