Monday, February 28, 2011

Felted accessories & Home decor

I love minimalistic style, which is popular now.
But sometimes small details can make your home really cozy and I just can't renounce them -
Necklace from gray felt beads&hematite "Monochrome"

You can get a romantic mood on your workplace by a beautiful rose -
Felted brooch flower Pink Rose

Flower felted brooch Green Rose
Today is the last day of winter so I put warm scarfs to the dresser (but I'll take them back!) and become doing more light felted accessories for spring-summer clothes -
Felted brooch flower White Calla

Felted brooch fantasy transparent flower blue
 As well as in a home decor, minimalistic style in clothing may transform because of a little flower, for example
Felted brooch fantasy flower lavender
Even if you have just one dress, some different accessories will make your look fresh every day. It's very creative and profitably!

I love small details for clothing or house. Nataliya makes very lovely thread acorns -


I love the big variety of colors (acorns' colors) - you can use it in many ways.

They're funny! :)

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